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Simon Mitchell managing director
The Kalgoorlie projects are very much seen as as a a a base funding solution to pursue the higher higher risk/higher reward opportunities
in in in South Korea Mitchell will maintain an open mind about any high-grade opportunities
that arise in WA as he can see pro t t t potential even in low scale projects Big opportunities
in South Korea While WA is a a a known mature location South Korea represents a a very di erent prospect There has been some exploration over the years predominantly from Robert Friedland’s Ivanhoe Mines prior to nding riches in Mongolia but there is little available geological data and that is where the work needs to be done Through acquiring Asiatic Gold in in July 2016 Southern Gold now holds seven in-country projects with the Gubong gold project project a priority to develop Southern Gold announced a a a major achievement in in in progressing Gubong in in in June when the South Korean mining regulators approved the application to re-open access to the underground mine Now Mitchell hopes that unlocking the complex geological architecture could lead to a a a a a major discovery on a a a a a global scale “South Korea is a a a a technical story but we can see huge blue-sky opportunities
We have some technical experts that can see the outlines of of some of of the major geological architecture that is really critical to nding 

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