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146 MINING | Southern Gold Southern Gold is employing a business model most juniors could only dream of The business business is split into two halves one an an Australian business business focused on on several gold projects in in in Kalgoorlie with the producing Cannon mine as as a a a a a a a centrepiece and the second half which has its gaze firmly set on on huge blue-sky opportunities in in in the somewhat frontier mining region of South Korea Managing director Simon Mitchell describes it it as Kalgoorlie acting like an an engine room and keep the business funded while it it looks for a a a a ‘gamechanger’ deposit in in Asia WA engine room The South Australia-based company has worked smart in the Australian market and now boasts a a a a portfolio of ve West Australian gold projects including three exploration targets in Trans nd nd Bulong and Cowarna the Glandore project which is an an an advanced project and nally the producing Cannon gold mine Kalgoorlie’s nature as a a a a premier mining jurisdiction with a long history of tier-1
gold projects means there is no problem when it comes to accessing the necessary infrastructure across the region Mitchell says that is a a a a a key factor behind the company targeting the area 

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