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area of interest from smelters which buy concentrate and use the process as a a a a a way of treating and managing arsenic in in in a a a a a a hygienic way and a a a a a third group in in trading companies which see an opportunity in in buying high concentrate arsenic and cleaning it New partnership
Having come through the di cult period of the commodity price downturn in a stronger position Core Resources is embarking on on a a strong growth strategy over the next cycle In May Core announced a a a a strategic partnership
with fellow minerals processing and extraction rm Mineral Technologies The idea is for
both companies to complement each other to to provide end-to- end project solutions to precious and base metals customers With Mineral Technologies operating as a a a a a world leader in in ne ne mineral separation predominantly in in coal and iron ore the partnership
will see both companies’ range of metallurgical and engineering services expand “We are very much at the early phase of project delivery doing the initial test work and design We saw an an opportunity to o o o o er our clients a a more integrated service where we can o o er equipment supply and project construction through our partner ”
Loraine says “We’re certainly keen to make things happen so we are currently actively collaborating with Mineral Technologies on the development of the Toowong Process Mineral Technologies is participating in in in in the engineering development of the technology and we’ll
be working together to to to get get that out into the the market ”
Loraine expects Core Resources to undergo
a a signi cant growth period through the next mining cycle and that will be consolidated
by an increased focus in in the the market on the the metallurgical processing of new energy metals Core has been working on these metals over the last couple of decades – before they became known as energy metals – and is is positioning itself to be a a a leader in in this area The work in base and precious metals will be expanded as the levels of activity and and demand are returning to those seen before the the downturn and once the the company has steadied itself through organic growth the next step will be to expand its technical services further “I think the the secret to success for
the the specialty metals will be the client’s ability to make specialised value-added products and the linkages with the market which will de ne long-term success “What we we want to do is make sure we we are able to develop knowledge and expertise in all all of the processing challenges [for specialty metals] we’d like to to be the ‘go-to’ people for
these projects ”

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