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138 MINING SERVICES | Core Resources “The third thing is in in the ‘social licence
to operate’ of mining companies – it is regarded as good practice to provide a a a a a clean product that doesn’t have any downstream consequences ”
According to Loraine there has been a a a conscious shift towards sustainable mining practices across the industry as a a a a whole Even if companies could pay large penalties to have high arsenic concentrate treated somewhere the clients Core Resources works with see social economic and legislative
imperatives in in in reducing arsenic content in in in their products as as much as as possible Globally the mining industry is seeking to do a better job in the way that it handles and and controls these kind of contaminants Having rst tested the process with a a mini pilot plant in in 2011 Core Resources has seen three major demand pools for
the technology Primary clients in in in mining companies which have projects with high levels of arsenic in their orebodies both undeveloped and operating mines a a a second

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