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136 MINING SERVICES | Core Resources Resource “However we we also o o o o o er er er our services to help the the client build the the project It’s like designing a a a house the the the architect can then help the the the builder construct the house We commonly help our clients build the projects and we can give some assurances that what we’ve designed will get built [This approach] reduces the the interfaces and can reduce reduce the the cost and risk for the client ”
The changing climate for mineral processing with tighter constraints and international treaties requiring cleaner products has
led to a a a period of rapid innovation for Core Resources However Loraine is not fazed The new new regulations and nding new new ways to process new mineral development suit the company that has
a a a a a track record for process innovation and providing solutions for new challenges The Toowong Process
The Toowong Process
developed and patented by Core is a a a a key example of a a a a processing technology that responds to the tighter environmental requirements
of the mining industry – and creates new opportunities for miners in in the process Particularly targeting copper mine products the Toowong Process
is a technology which Core says ‘addresses the globally signi cant issue of arsenic antimony and other deleterious elements in in mine products’ The alkaline leaching process achieves over 90% arsenic and antimony removal from base metals concentrates The nal product from the process is a a premium cleaned saleable concentrate The increasing presence of arsenic in in in 

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