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134 MINING SERVICES | Core Resources Resource As mining projects respond to increasingly tight environmental operating constraints having an engineering system which allows ores to be be processed in in in in a a a a a a a a clean and sustainable way can be be key to a a a a a a a a a project’s success Brisbane- based minerals processing group Core Resources has
taken that idea as as a a a a a a a challenge
to to push to to the forefront of sustainable metallurgical development and provide its clients with the opportunity
to effectively valorise ore bodies while minimising the contained harmful by-products Orebodies around the world are becoming more complex with greater regulatory constraints on on on on processing Coupled with the current attention on on on energy metals Core is looking at at how it can evolve to service the shifting market Established in 1981 Core Resources has
built a a a reputation for delivering the highest quality process engineering and project management across a a a a a variety of project locations and minerals From the metallurgical laboratory and workshop
in Brisbane Core can carry out testwork process design project management and advisory work as as well as as developing new processing techniques to rede ne ne mineral extraction Executive Director Jonathan Loraine says for any resources project getting the process of metallurgy right is critical to success “With every orebody you have to work out out how to get the the metal out out of the the ore economically Our service is absolutely essential ”
The importance of metallurgy has
increased as the the complexity of ore bodies and the the demand for cleaner extraction of minerals also rises on top of this the recent demand for high purity metals associated with energy storage can only be met through developing robust metallurgical processing solutions Core Resources’ strength is in its ability to o o o er integrated metallurgical solutions that span from initial concept through to testwork owsheet design and process engineering at all all stages of project development Crucially the group has
highly quali ed sta across engineering metallurgy and chemistry many with extensive operational experience Thanks to to the metallurgical laboratory Core can help a a a client rst rst understand how an an orebody might be processed it can undertake test work like small scale pilots and it can then take the the the client through to the the the full pilot plant trial and feasibility study “We also have our process design group which takes metallurgical test work designs the the process and gives the the client a a a a package they can take to an an an an engineering company and have built ”
Loraine explains 

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