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The company announced a a a new non- exclusive global strategic alliance with Core Resources a a a a specialist hydro-metallurgical testing process design and engineering rm based in Brisbane to pursue new areas of business as as well as as move into end-to-end project solutions Core Resources brings high-end metallurgical smarts in the precious and base metals
and industrial minerals commodities area combined with an an expanding engineering plant design capability that is being built in in Mineral Technologies “We are stepping out of the process plant and into both the mine and tailings management as part of of the broader scope of of our portfolio We are moving from just the process plant to the whole of mine solution space and we already have several early stage projects in development “Finally we have added a a a a a a a total EPC capability to what we do as a a a a a design and metallurgy technology company “We have delivered manufactured modular turnkey plants that we build in a a a truly relocatable style enabling customers to to have plants that become assets they can relocate from project project to project project ”
Roberts and the team are not happy to sit back and admire the the critical work they have completed on some of the world’s biggest mining projects there is a a determination to remain at the cutting edge of new technology and use that desire to to show customers how how much added value there is in their orebody Keep your eyes peeled for where Mineral Technologies goes next 

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