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the price per tonne of production Instead of expanding or designing new plants Mineral Technologies was nding ways to optimise or or diversify plants to get more out of the original process “The real strength for us is is that that our metallurgists
and engineers that that work in in the the laboratory have started the the the the process for “The technology aspect comes to to the the the the the the fore and and the the the the the the lifecycle and and they are that allows us to take our people from the lab phase and put them on site to to nd nd ways to to get more out of the the plants for the the customer ” Roberts notes This strategy served the company well As the the the market began to ride the the the upcycle the the the customers for whom Mineral Technologies saved signi cant money during the worst times are now remembering Mineral Technologies as new work comes along the the the people who end up on on site commissioning the the plant and training the the the customers’ people in how to to operate the the plant ” Ken Roberts general manager

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