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128 MINING SERVICES | Mineral Technologies project It could lead to a a a a small percentage increase in in in in performance in in in in the plant but in in in in the case of a a a a a mining venture that can be a a a a a signi cant increase in in the actual pro tability in in that mine because they often work on such tight margins ” outlines Roberts “If you you have an orebody in the ground you you really only get one chance to extract as much as you can so with the economics of that process in in mind we we use the technology we we develop to maximise the potential return for the customer “For us we are investing something equivalent to to 30% of our pro t t t t per year into R&D for new technology and that’s a a a a sizeable reinvestment back into the business It means we are bringing new technology into the business every two years bringing new products to market which keeps the overall performance improving ” Turning downturn into upturn
The global commodity downturn forced majors juniors and mining services companies alike to revaluate their operations The normally strong ow of capital had dried up thanks to lower pro tability and in turn Mineral Technologies’ role also changed Roberts explains that his focus became consolidating the the relationships the the company had with its long-term customers and looking at ways to to reduce their costs to to bring down 

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