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126 MINING SERVICES | Mineral Technologies nancial and operational commitments Roberts says the reason he he is happy to o o o o er er performance guarantees is once the project has been worked through in the laboratory on on production size equipment the whole team is very con dent of the outcomes for the process or plant on site Lifecycle services
A problem projects often face using multiple contractors is the loss of knowledge and application from the the laboratory to to the the nal process Mineral Technologies provides a a wide range of services
across the project lifecycle which Roberts says has cost saving bene ts but also the the quality of the the work is better “The real strength for us is that our metallurgists and engineers that work in in the laboratory have started the the process for the the lifecycle and they are the the people who end up on on site commissioning the plant and training the the customers’ people in how to to operate the the plant “There is de nite ownership that comes with with that that approach that that you don’t get with with a a a a a a multi-contractor approach That’s a a a a a a key di erence for us compared to your typical EPCM business where the process design is usually done by a a a a a lab and and handed over to the engineer who takes no responsibility for the process actually working ”
A re ection of Mineral Technologies’ proven expertise and global presence is is the work it has completed on rst class projects around
the the world world The company designed the the world’s largest mineral sands wet concentrating plant at Mineral Deposit’s Grand Cote project in Senegal designed and supplied spiral separators for Trimex in India the design delivery and equipment supply for the Southern Ionics mineral sands plant in in the the US and and the design and and delivery of Arrium’s iron ore tailings treatment plants in in Australia
The Mineral Technologies model is fundamentally based on quality of delivery cutting edge technology and pride in in its work with customer service and and loyalty front and and centre in all areas Roberts prides the the company on the the idea that it is not just an engineering business but also a a technology developer Mineral Technologies is striving to develop the next solution for its customers to to improve e e e e e ciencies timings and cost savings The work of improving the separation equipment or nding new ways to produce the the equipment is completed by the the research and development team The R&D team is tasked with nding new ways to apply manufacturing technology to keep the products price competitive In addition Mineral Technologies works with its customers to to continually learn from each project improve its its service and customise its its o o o o o ering for bespoke solutions The latter has cemented Mineral Technologies’ reputation in in the industry “A new piece of equipment that we build can be customised to to to any particular customer’s

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