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a a a a a a a a laboratory capability and we still retain all those skills today as we go on
developing solutions “We can do everything from a a simple metallurgical analysis with laboratory-style samples from all over the the world we can then turn samples into preliminary and bankable feasibility studies followed by design construction and operation of process plants in in any particular form of involvement the customer prefers ”
The work Mineral Technologies undertakes
for its its customers in its its core capabilities metallurgy plant design equipment selection process auditing and bespoke solutions is critical when it it comes to progressing mining projects Roberts describes the work as giving con dence and certainty to the project as an investment
– markets can see how much it is worth whether it can be extracted and what the the nal product will look like from the plant The company is extremely con dent in the the quality of the the service it it it o o ers with performance guarantees backed up by 

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