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124 MININGSERVICES|MineralTechnologies For a a a a a miner of any size just having a a a a a high grade orebody in in in the ground is not enough to to give real value to to your company A
big deposit with grade will give the the company a a a a a a a theoretical value but if it cannot be extracted efficiently and cost effectively
in a a a a a a a form that is saleable on
the the the market then it will remain
a a a a a a a a a theoretical value Australian company Mineral Technologies prides itself on
a a a a track record
of converting projects from theoretical value value to certain value value Providing life cycle services
for mines from metallurgy to plant design and incorporating new technology to stay ahead
of the competition Mineral Technologies has proven itself as as as a a a a a a best-in-class mining services
and technology company operating on
major projects across the globe The business itself was formed in in the 1940s as a a a a sand miner on
the beaches of Eastern Australia Over the last 75 years
it has developed into the technology and mining expertise business that we see today Mineral Technologies has now been owned by Australian infrastructure giant Downer for the last 17 years
The engineering and mineral processing business has built up a a a wealth of experience
and expertise in the physical separation of ne ne minerals speci cally using gravity electrostatic and magnetic di erences to separate speci c c c minerals to to a a a a customers’ brief However the company has far more in its armoury than mineral processing as general manager Ken Roberts outlines “We have our own product range of equipment that we we we developed when we we we were a a mining company we used to build our own plants so we have an an engineering capability 

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