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When it comes to safety at Diverse Group Bull says there is is no compromise The company has developed a a a a really strong safety culture which is imperative when it works in such remote and harsh environments Bull ensures the lines of communication from the the workers on the the ground to senior management are open and and honest and and no one is scared to report anything however small A testament to Diverse Group’s commitment to safe practice is at the the time of writing the the safety record stood at 1 905 lost-time-to-
years to build a a a lower risk pro le across
the business now bearing fruits Bull says the company is in a a strong position for long term sustainability and and the longstanding relationships with major blue chip clients continues to instil con con dence in in in Diverse Group in terms of of what it is capable of of As a a a a business Bull says the next 10 years will be about consolidating that sustainable model “Our next 10 years will be getting strong long term contracts and focusing on on helping our customers become lower cost producers They are going to start moving more ore ore than they ever have and we we need to nd nd ways we we can add value to to their company and help to to reduce their costs of production ”

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