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118 MINING SERVICES | Diverse Group Bull says that Diverse learns more about itself as a a a a company through every cycle and downturn In the last ve years Bull aimed to bring down Diverse Group’s risk pro le and did that through contracting direct to the mining houses “Instead of having tier-1 contractor clients such as John Holland and and others they then became our competitors on a a a a small scale We don’t want to get tied up with higher overheads from too much growth and project work “It’s all about e e e ciencies and building a a a a model for long term sustainability We are as guilty as others by focusing on projects and assuming this will be the market forever as as much as anybody but we’re a a a very resilient business and when we we need to change we we can ”
In terms of sustainability Diverse Group is targeting operations and maintenance work as a a a long-term model to deliver sustaining capital unless a a a a long-standing client o o ers contracts for other work With the major companies now having made their model changes in terms of optimisations and e e e ciencies Bull says the stream of capital to mineral projects is beginning to ow again and in in in in turn the operations and maintenance side of the business is picking up too “There are 17 new projects coming in in the Pilbara in the next two years but we will be 

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