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116 MINING SERVICES | Diverse Group it’s backed up a a strong civil component which is is where we started That is is a a a big di erentiator from our competitors – we are a a a true turnkey company “We do everything from operations and maintenance projects signalling on railways maintaining of rail rail equipment bre and and tower construction and and LTE installations for the large mining houses ”
As Bull highlights Diverse Group’s model of complete project delivery for clients takes away a a a a a a lot of the interface risk and vulnerability of miscommunication with multiple contractors Diverse has the capability to see a a a project through from conception and design to construction and operation Where other companies would have to contract out Diverse Group does it all in house Whereas normally a a a a mining company would have to engage three or four separate contractors to to complete a a a a full rail or maintenance programme Diverse Group takes control of each di erent area and acts as the sole communication channel for the client Diverse Group has built up up a a a reputation for high quality project delivery by completing contracts on on WA’s biggest mining projects Most notably the company has been involved in in fundamental work on the construction and maintenance of Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ore operations That includes a a a a huge amount of rail line extensions and enhancements designing and constructing signalling systems battery replacement programmes and electrical infrastructure installations “We’ve been involved with Rio Tinto projects for a a long time and over the last ve ve or six years we’ve helped with the the automation projects in the the Pilbara We have done everything from the installation of the the infrastructure on on the the rails right through to the the installation of the the automation equipment on on the trains that comes from our guys with the technical expertise 

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