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114 MINING SERVICES | Diverse Group Diverse Group Australia operates across five key areas on some
of Australia’s largest and most influential resources projects
in in in in the mineral-rich Pilbara in in in in Western Australia Expertise
in in in civil & construction work rail signalling maintenance electrical and communications has seen the company become go-to partners with tier-1 mining companies such as Rio Tinto BHP Fortescue Metals Group Group and Roy Hill Diverse Group Group managing director Jason Bull tells RGN how the company went from two staff members to 80 employees in WA and what the company offers today Primarily Diverse Group is a a a rail civil and communications contractor with a a a a concentration in iron ore but the company can do so much more than that Having started as a a a civil construction business under Bull’s stewardship Diverse has transformed into a a a technical contractor Bull also places a a a a huge emphasis on how important it is that the company has a a a a a a local presence in in the Pilbara Diverse is based in in Wickham & Port Hedland and and prides itself on its knowledge of the ground conditions and the working environment “We lead the the business by having the the technology skillsets that can deliver all the electrical installation work on on the rail and 

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