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Reliability is paramount
Referring to to Upton’s focus on on quality over cost the companies in in RUC’s supply chain are a a a clear example In terms of large equipment suppliers RUC uses the the major players in in the the industry such as as Atlas Copco Westrac Sandvik JCB and and Normet and and Upton takes into account reliability performance and technological advancements on o o o o er for each company In addition the support of companies such as Silverise Westland Autos and and Fero Group is is crucial in various areas of operation RUC’s nature as a a a a 365 24/7 business means the the reliability of the the service is paramount
Upton says that reliablility is what he looks for rst in return RUC will show loyalty
and commitment to its suppliers on on a a long term basis which can in turn lead to priority service during breakdown situations where a a a provider may have a a a a con icting demand “I think we are a a a a a very loyal client and have been to most of our suppliers for a long time We’ve also remained loyal to Kalgoorlie even though we we moved procurement to Perth we we kept Kalgoorlie regional suppliers “We could save a a little bit of money by shopping around but I think loyalty
and support and service is much more important than a a a few bucks here here and there ”

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