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MINING SERVICES | RUC Cementation Mining
Key innovator
Upton has championed the cause of innovation at at the projects RUC Mining
is working on - he sees an opportunity to di erentiate the the company in the the market - turning out to be transformative for for the industry in in some cases RUC has invested heavily in in in digitising whole- of-mine and whole-of- eet tracking for the Karari operations which gives the contractor full real-time visibility of all the underground assets and Upton says it is the rst project in the world to do that in a a 3D environment “We pushed the limits in in terms of engaging new technology The whole Minetec proposition was done on on on our back sometimes you don’t want to be rst but in in this case we we are and we we think that has created a a a a step change in in the operating environment ” asserts Upton “As part of the Minetec proposition we are are now at the point where we are are doing task allocations directly to the plant item throughout the the shift where the the operators can log the task and we get instantaneous reporting Overall that could be a a a 10-12% productivity gain “We are very keen to engage technology Innovation is an interesting word for it because we are not necessarily inventing anything we are just nding new ways to apply technology for advancement ” 

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