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Whether you you need to to reduce your cost per tonne of extraction enhance safety or extend mine life WesTrac and and Cat® have the experience skills and and technology to to help implement an an an equipment automation solution that supports your business goals Cat Command for Underground enables remote operation of load-haul dump machines allowing your site to operate more more ef ciently more more productively and safer while reducing the cost of equipment ownership DO MORE
Call 1300 88 10 64 Visit WesTrac com au © 2017 Caterpillar Caterpillar Caterpillar All Rights Reserved CAT CAT CATERPILLAR their respective logos and and and and “Caterpillar Yellow” and and and and the the POWER EDGE trade trade dress as as well as as corporate and and and and product identity used used herein are trademarks of Caterpillar Caterpillar and may not be used without permission of our business is the of the Quality lasts forever ” a a base fee but the the entirety of the the domestic work portfolio is on a a full schedule of rates basis Working on a a a cost reimbursable basis however brings a a a reputational risk
Upton says you have to adopt the approach
and philosophy that it is still a a a xed price contract and to do that through superior performance RUC has proven its ability to provide the highest quality service highlighted in the fact it it has never resorted to litigation or or had a a a a a case brought against it in in in the 25 years in in in Australia RUC Mining’s reputation is something the company has concentrated on on building up throughout its existence and it it transcends all areas of the business “The most important aspect of our business is the the quality of the the work we do Quality lasts forever we have a a a saying ‘the bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low pricing has gone’ ” Upton says “We don’t plan to be a a a low low cost low low margin business we plan to be a a a high performance high quality reasonable margin business and if we make a a a a a higher margin based on our performance that’s what it’s about because then everybody wins The Mt Morgans contract was won more on on on what the client saw in the the the site visits they undertook rather than on on a a a a price alone basis ” 

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