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MINING SERVICES | RUC Cementation Mining
structure we established a a a head o ce in Perth and unfortunately there were a a a lot of redundancies ” observes Upton “We also decided to invest in in in a a a rebranding of the the business with the the stated goal of making the market more aware that our o o o ering wasn’t just a a a a a shaft sinking and raise drilling o er ” RUC was able to to do that thanks to to the portfolio of work it it had built up with Freeport - it had a a a strong story to to to tell and to to to sell At this time there were two major turning points for the company Firstly it won a a jumbo development contract with Panoramic Resources at its Savannah mine and shortly after Saracen Mineral
Resources contracted RUC to undertake work on on the Karari underground operation at at its Carosue Dam mine Those two projects as as well as as the continued work at Freeport really brought RUC back from the precipice of mid-2014 culminating in in in the recent announcement of winning
a a a $200 million contract to carry out underground mining at Dacian Gold’s Mt Morgans project in WA “On the grounds of those two projects principally we then elevated ourselves to a a a $132 million turnover for FY2016 I suppose the the fact is that the the work we we were doing at at Karari became our advertising point and innovation point of reference for all the the other work we have tried to to win ” explains Upton JCB Construction Equipment Australia is a a a a a a a a a proud support of RUC Mining
Contractors with a a a a a a a a a a a a relationship that stretches back over ten years As the the Australian distributors for for Magni Magni Telehandlers we have recently delivered
RUC Mining
with a a a a a a a a a a new Magni Magni 15 Tonne lifting Telehandler Telehandler ideally suited for for the the work required in in in underground situations www jcbcea com au
interproservices com com au
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