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MINING SERVICES | RUC Cementation Mining in production at one of the world’s true super
mines “It was a a a a a fantastic project for us and we nished in December last year ” says Upton “By that stage we had works in Mongolia Hong Kong Indonesia and the core business in in Australia which was still principally raise drilling and shaft sinking “However when we we lost the Newmont Callie Shaft Expansion project contract due to the project cancellation I appealed to our client in Indonesia for more work which ultimately led them to give us an opportunity in the the permanent ground support area ” RUC’s involvement at Grasberg continued to grow and the company now operates with more than 650 employees on the books with Freeport In the meantime it was not all plain sailing With many parts of the business going well RUC’s order books were torn to to shreds when the commodity price downturn began to bite Upton says that at at the lowest point in in mid-2014 turnover fell to just $2 5 million one month That was when the business reorganised rebranded and and began to lay the the foundations for the the prospering mining contractor we see today Weathering the the storm
“At the low point of our business in in in July
2014 we we did a number of things we we reorganised our our overheads and our our business 

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