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There are gusts of change in the international wind energy industry. New projects across the world are coming in at price-parity with conventional grid power and the landscape for clean energy generation is transforming. In addition to the financial attraction, there is a conscious shift towards less polluting and less harmful energy production, typified by the Paris Climate Change Agreement, less America’s participation; see Donald Trump.

In this issue RGN looks at a selection of innovative and unique wind power projects and people. The editor Jack Kennedy visited Northern Germany to see the launch of GE/TenneT’s DolWin3 offshore wind energy converter, we speak to the general manager for the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project – the largest single private investment ever in Kenya and Africa’s largest wind project. You can also read interviews with South Africa’s Wind Energy Association CEO Brenda Martin as well as finding out how WindEurope is championing the industry on the continent.

There is also a spotlight on the mining services industry and how a sector which has been particularly squeezed by the commodity price downturn is finally coming out the other side and playing an integral part on a number of new resource projects. We include in-depth interviews with Basil Read, Mineral Technologies, RUC Mining and Core Resources.


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