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The mining industry has faced a tumultuous couple of years. The global sector has faced depressed prices across the board and it has had severe effects on companies at every stage of the commodity supply chain. The majors have had to pull back on mega projects, juniors have been forced to shelve projects to care and maintenance and mining services companies have faced a struggle just to survive the downturn. Despite all of this the Toronto Stock Exchange has flourished as the exchange for mining companies. It has positioned itself as the most suitable environment in terms of volumes and value of exchanges for mining companies of all different shapes, sizes and commodities.

In our cover story you can hear from Orlee Wertheim, the head of business development at the TSX, on how the TSX has built this status as the global hub for mining companies to raise funds, what its key attributes are and how the TSX is planning to stay at the top of the pile. In our contributors section PDAC executive director Andrew Cheatle further outlines why Canada is such a strong mining jurisdiction and how it attracts the level of mineral activity that it does.

Head into our TSX spotlight and Dundee Precious Metal’s Rick Howes discusses how his company has implemented innovative solutions to quadruple production at its Chelopech mine. NexGen’s Travis MacPherson outlines the current global uranium market and how NexGen’s super-quality product is geared for the predicted price upswing. CSA Global talk about their recent Canadian acquisition and give a perspective from the mining services side. Then Petsec Energy and 88 Energy highlight the differences of operating in the oil sectors of Yemen and Alaska respectively


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