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The gold industry is on the rebound. Analysts are tipping 2017 to be a bullish year which will be soothing tones to those gold miners who have experienced trouble and strife in recent times. The clearest reflection of that feeling is a returning gold price, although nowhere near  the dizzy heights of US$1,780/oz we saw in 2012 but a far cry from the US$1,060 levels of January 2016.

Our lead story this issue is a discussion with the World Gold Council’s head of investor relations John Mulligan on the organisation’s Gold Demand Trends 2016 report and how global headwinds last year saw a rush to gold as a safe haven before the market transformed in Q4. We also speak to a range of gold miners of all shapes and sizes. Hummingbird Resources managing director Daniel Betts goes into depth on the Yanfolila gold project in Mali and its journey to production, Anaconda Mining’s Dustin Angelo tells us about gold mining in Newfoundland and you can read about a variety forthcoming gold projects from around the globe.

In our columns section we hear from EY and QuotedData on the global gold environment and what the future looks like, RGN speaks to Sharon Warburton about how her organisation Steel Heels is trying to rebalance the gender inequality in the mining industry and we also highlight the importance of sustainability in mining in an interview with the Intergovernmental Mining Forum.


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