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Australia and its resources sectors have suffered since global commodity prices went south. Despite, or maybe because of, playing host to the vast expanse of iron ore available in the Pilbara and a mature oil and natural gas landscape the Australian economy danced to the tune of global price markets. After years of depressed prices and exploration programmes being shelved across the nation the winds of change are beginning to blow. A gradual increase of prices in both precious metals and oil and gas has seen the cobwebs of the downturn begin to be brushed off and a number of projects are now getting funding and being substantially progressed.

This issue highlights the strength, breadth and depth of Australian companies across all aspects of the mining and oil and gas sectors. New Hope Group boss Shane Stephan discusses how the company is expanding its coal production capacity across sites in Queensland and a diversification strategy into an oil play. Goodline general manager Dwayne Finch outlines how important it is for a service provider to the mining industry to maintain quality in delivery throughout a downturn and we highlight a number of Australian explorers all on the hunt for big prizes.

Two fundamental representative bodies to the resources sectors APPEA and AMEC highlight the important work they do and what the current environment is for Australia’s mining and oil and gas sectors. In our columns section John Sykes provides expert analysis on how your company can survive a ‘supercycle’ downturn.



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