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Welcome to the latest issue of RGN which features the usual assortment of mining companies and exciting projects dotted across the globe, including developments of various minerals and commodities stretching across the Americas, Africa and more.

A unifying thread amongst these disparate projects in wildly contrasting settings can be traced back to Canada and the Toronto Stock Exchange, which provides a robust and well established environment for mining outfits of all shapes and sizes to thrive in.

RGN speaks to Ungad Chadda, president of capital formation, equity capital markets at TMX Group, the holding company for TSX and TSXV in an exclusive feature demonstrating the strength and breadth of its mining ecosystem.

The spotlight also falls on a host of Toronto-listed mining juniors, including Alphamin Resources who are advancing a responsible tin mine deep in the jungle of Democratic Republic of Congo. Here the miner hopes to contribute to a new chapter in DRC’s mining industry, which has previously been tarnished by corruption and violence.

Back in Canada’s mining heartland, Falco Resources march towards gold production in Québec before we veer Southwards to Latin America and assess the mineral-extracting exploits of Golden Arrow Resources and IMPACT Silver in Mexico and Argentina.

We check in with global mining service providers Capital Drilling and Energold, while also receiving an expert investors opinion from Richard Mills on the near-term producers that are leading the lithium ion battery revolution.







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